Tonight is a Frightened Rabbit night if ever there was one.

so true!

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shannon0fthedead: What part of Edinburgh are you from? :)

moved into a flat down easter road in july! we have a londis 30 seconds away that does £1 slushies that are my best pals when hungover x

September 19 2014 19:08
crazyandhopeless: hey how is it in scottland?

its all okay in edinburgh which is where i am, but unfortunately the celebrations for some no voters has turned into this horrible display in glasgow. if you search george square into twitter you’ll see most of it! 

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Without deep conversation, my mind becomes restless. I need passion and intellect, it’s a shame that a person often lacks one or the other.
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They call me
“romantic” with
knives between
their lips, as if I am
asking for each word
to be built from the
ground from flower
beds and open

They do not
my romance.

I want to be strung
up by my ankles,
ripped open, emptied,
and told that what
I am made of is
beautiful, even as it
stains the kitchen
floor, your skin, our

There is infinite
romance in truth.

I do not want to be
bottled, gathering
time in your shelves
until your birthday
or a bad night or
after she leaves when
you just need
something to help
you fall asleep.

In my romance,
I am not
swallowed whole.

― to be the last romantic, Emma Bleker (via stolenwine)

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